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Brisbane, QLD - September 2019

Brisbane, QLD - September 2019


Our client was dissatisfied with the lack of service and current interest rate with their major bank and contacted The Brokerage for an alternative lender solution.

The Brokerage completed a needs analysis and recommended a new lender with a cheaper interest rate, saving the client over $50,000 per annum in interest!
The Brokerage was also able to provide an additional $900,000 equity release using the same security structure with no conditions around the use of funds.

Loan Amount: $6,500,000

Loan Type: Investment Loan

Gearing: 70% LVR against in one line value

Lender: Major Bank

Brisbane, QLD - August 2019

Brisbane, QLD - August 2019


Our client had purchased a development site on an unconditional contract with a $150,000 deposit paid.
They tried unsuccessfully for 5 weeks to finance the purchase with a home loan lender.

The Brokerage was contacted 8 days out from settlement and using our network of private investors we were able to secure a competitive finance package within 48 hours of initial contact. Our client was able to settle & protect their $150,000 deposit and have now engaged The Brokerage to provide the construction funding on the project.

Loan Amount: $955,000

Loan Type: Private Loan

Gearing: 65%

Lender: High Net Worth Investor

Brisbane, QLD - July 2019

Brisbane, QLD - July 2019


Our client was referred to us as their house bank was unable to assist with their financing needs.
The Brokerage was able to source a funding solution that provided a reimbursement of capital for a large solar panel network installed on a premises which was neither owned or rented by our client.

Despite solar panels being considered a “specialised asset”, funding was provided on a standalone basis; our client is now able to use this capital to re-invest into their next project, allowing them the ability to grow their business much sooner than expected.

Loan Amount: $700,000

Loan Type: Equipment Finance

Gearing: 70%

Lender: Major Bank

Brisbane, QLD - June 2019

Brisbane, QLD - June 2019


The Brokerage was initially engaged by our clients to review their loan structure and current interest rates.

As part of the analysis conducted by The Brokerage, we established the existing facility called upon too many security properties and had marginally higher interest rates compared to the market. The client then further enlisted our services to negotiate with their current lender and the market to provide a competitive offer.

As a result, we were able to introduce the client to a new lender and facility which released four properties, including three family homes and one commercial property from existing mortgages and saved the client approximately $35,000 annually in interest repayments.

Loan Amount: $7,550,000

Loan Type: Refinance

Gearing: 55%

Lender: Major Bank

Bulimba, Brisbane - May 2019

Bulimba, Brisbane - May 2019


Our client was unsuccessful in obtaining finance through their current bank, taking 6 weeks for the process, only to be told that they would not be able to borrow the funds from their own bank for a purchase of an investment property.

The Brokerage completed a needs analysis, recommended a new lender and delivered a finance solution being an approval for the purchase and the refinance from their existing bank within 5 days!

Loan Amount: $1,450,000

Loan Type: Refinance & Investment Loan

Gearing: 63% LVR

Lender: Major Bank

Hunter Valley, NSW - March 2019

Hunter Valley, NSW - March 2019


An existing Land Developer client approached us to refinance a loan against their DA approved site to enable the development of the first 60 lots of a 500+ lot development.

The Brokerage arranged funding through a private lender, refinancing a $4.5m facility and obtaining a $2.75m equity release to complete the lots.

Presales were less than 20% at the time of funding however now that civil works have commenced the first release is substantially presold.

We also negotiated terms with the lender to recycle the sales proceeds from the first stage in to the development of the future stages provided that predetermined gearing ratios are met.

Loan Amount: $7,250,000

Loan Type: Construction Loan

Gearing: 50% LVR

Lender: Private

Brisbane, QLD - February 2019

Brisbane, QLD - February 2019


Our client completed a 19 unit development in an inner-ring suburb of Brisbane.
Having sold 10 units during the construction period, he approached us to refinance the residual construction debt using the remaining units as security. The Brokerage was able to structure a new loan which:

  • Paid out the more expensive construction loan;

  • Provided an additional $500,000 as cash-out;

  • Featured capitalised interest, meaning he had no ongoing repayment commitments; and which

  • Was secured by only 7 of the remaining 9 units, leaving the developer with 2 fully unencumbered units which he could sell with no requirement to reduce debt.

The new loan provided our client with additional equity and a boost to his cashflow, enabling him to progress straight on to his next project without having to wait to sell his remaining stock.

Loan Amount: $3,440,000

Interest: 7.99% p.a. Capitalised within loan facility

Loan Type: Residual Stock Loan

Gearing: 65% of the individual unit valuations

Lender: Non Bank

Holland Park West, Brisbane - January 2019

Holland Park West, Brisbane - January 2019


An existing client of The Brokerage was seeking construction finance for their family home. 

The client has a complex corporate structure with seven entities but due to our extensive experience and knowledge with these types of deals we were able to navigate the market to identify the right lender.

The Brokerage was delighted to deliver this finance approval to one of our long term clients, after many years of planning their family home.

Their dream is now a reality, thanks to The Brokerage!

Loan Amount: $3,040,000

Loan Type: Refinance & Construction

Gearing: 80%

Lender: Major Bank

Greater Western Sydney - December 2018

Greater Western Sydney - December 2018


Our existing client won a fiercely fought EOI campaign to purchase a near new shopping centre.

The Brokerage arranged a new facility which was incorporated into the clients existing retail portfolio with the Lender. The Brokerage arranged revaluation of other portfolio assets to minimise equity outlay resulting in 100% finance of the purchase price.

Despite the tightening credit environment, The Brokerage was able to negotiate a five (5) year interest only term at a margin of 2.15% over BBSW (1.90%).

Loan Amount:  $46,000,000

Loan Type:  Investment Loan – 5 years interest only

Gearing: 65% LVR

Lender: Call us to discuss

Brisbane, QLD - November 2018

Brisbane, QLD - November 2018


The Brokerage introduced an existing client to a third new financier in as many transactions to spread risk and to create a relationship with a new lender.

The Brokerage was successful in obtaining equipment finance to purchase a new excavator to be “Dry Hired” indefinitely on an arm’s length agreement.

A Balloon payment was structured to reduce monthly repayments and increase cash flow for business.

Loan Amount:  $350,000

Loan Type:  Equipment Finance

Gearing:  100%

Lender: Major Bank

Ascot, Brisbane - October 2018

Ascot, Brisbane - October 2018

RESIDENTIAL - Equity releasE

Our client was unsuccessful with obtaining finance via their major bank, and contacted The Brokerage for assistance.

The Brokerage completed a needs analysis and recommended a non-bank lender, and were able to deliver a finance solution within 5 days!

Loan Amount:  $5,000,000

Loan Type:  Investment Loan

Gearing:  55% LVR

Lender: Non Bank

Northern Beaches, Sydney - September 2018

Northern Beaches, Sydney - September 2018

Strata Warehouses & Storage ConstructioN

The Brokerage initially assisted the client acquire the development site with private funding some 2 years prior.

We worked with the client and their consultants whilst they attained DA and presales before arranging a suitably leveraged construction finance facility for the construction of the strata warehouse and storage unit project. 

A favourable limited recourse structure was negotiated for the Directors.

Loan Amount:  $22,000,000

Interest Rate: 4.5% p.a. + 1.75% line fee

Loan Type:  Construction Loan

Gearing:  65% LVR on Completion

Lender: Local Foreign Bank